About Our Practice

Brush Family Dentistry Staff General and Cosmetic Dentistry Family Dentists Brush CO Drs. Schonberger and Birch

We strive to treat every patient like a member of our family. Explaining all treatment options so patients understand them is important to us. We are continuously learning about new advances and technology in dentistry, and we are committed to providing a superior value to our patients.

1. We offer our patients the same quality of care that we would offer to our own families.
2. We strive for patient comfort.
3. We strive to see every patient on time.
4. We emphasize continuing care.

We work to accomplish these priorities cost efficiently, and in a pleasant, relaxed manner.

Charles Schonberger, DDS and Dr. Cameron Birch, DDS are dentists providing dental procedures such as implants and whitening in Brush, CO.
Charles Schonberger, DDSand Dr. Cameron Birch, DDS are licensed as a general dentists in the state of Colorado.